The Potrero View -- April 2014

District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen Has Formidable Campaign Coffers

Brian Rinker

Five candidates have filed to run for supervisor against District 10 incumbent Malia Cohen this November. The would-be politicians — Tony Kelly, Shawn Richard, Ed Donaldson, Diane Wesley Smith and DeBray Carpenter — have begun, to varying degrees, preparing campaign strategies, solidifying their support and fundraising. But the clear advantage goes to Cohen, whose re-election effort is well underway and financially strong, with slightly more than $125,000 i...

Affordable Care Act Unaffordable to Some San Franciscans

Morgane Byloos

This month marked the deadline to secure health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, with many low-income families gaining access to health care insurance for the first time. But despite its name, the national mandate is coming at a high cost to some San Franciscans, who make more than the maximum allowable yearly income, and as a result don’t qualify for subsidies and tax credits....

Pot May Be Cultivated Southside

Keith Burbank

Community reaction to a planned marijuana nursery at Indiana and 25th streets is mixed, though residents may be largely unaware that a commercial grow house may be developed nearby. ...

Photograph by Malia Cohen

Photograph by Malia Cohen

District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen addressing a crowd at a fundraiser at Piccino for a Dogpatch playground last month.

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